Italian Open Cheer


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с 01-04-2019 по 20-04-2019

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Италия , Osimo
Palabaldinelli in Osimo (AN) Italy


The competition is the Italian Open Cheer Competition and it will be held in Osimo (Ancona), Italy, into the Palabaldinelli hall at the 4-5 of May 2019. The registration fees for athlete competitions is € 25.00 for a the competition (no matter how many routine you will perform) and the deadline for the registration is the 20 April 2019. The available categories are all the one available at the ECC 2019 and the rules book used will be the ECA 2019. THE HALL The competition will take place at the Palabaldinelli in Osimo (AN) Italy, a beautiful country nestled in the Marche hills a step away from the sea and the mountains. The building is equipped with everything necessary for the competition, with an indoor gym for athletes, bars and ample parking. CONTACT For any information you can: • write an email • send a what’s up message +39 346 7255750 • call the number +39 346 7255750 after 18 PM Italian Time • visit the website:

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