ELITE Cheerleading Championship 2020 (Level 6-7 & Dance)


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с 24-02-2020 по 01-05-2020

Место проведения, адрес:
Германия , Bottrop
Movie Park Bottrop


Регистрация на соревнования Varsity Europe происходит ТОЛЬКО через портал https://booking.varsity-europe.org/ Вся информация о соревнованиях там же. https://varsity-europe.org/elite-cheerleading-championship/ The ELITE Cheerleading Championship is Europe's biggest cheerleading event - more than 5.000 athletes from all over Europe competed in 2018. The Movie Park Germany theme park entertains children as well as adults with shows, activities, games and rides in a family friendly environment. The ELITE Cheerleading Championship provides the opportunity to compete against international teams and national champions from all over Europe and other continents in a safe, fun and competitive atmosphere. The judges panel consists of some of the most experienced and talented cheerleaders and coaches from some of the most recognized cheerleading teams in the US and Europe. The championship will be staged in a thrilling prelim-final-system and will take place again on three days! More information on can be found in the information forms!

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